Public Programs

The LAMP series of public events is designed to offer a regular forum for engaging common concerns across the sectors of our city as we interrogate and address the challenges and opportunities of leadership and multifaith relations in the 21st century. We invite you to join us in this ambitious quest!

LAMP Lectures and Seminars

LAMP offers lectures, seminars and workshops throughout the academic year on topics related to global leadership, religious diversity, and multifaith understanding.

LAMP Lectures: Dignity and Freedom: Gandhi, King, and Mandela

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LAMP Symposiums

Third Annual Symposium on “Asylum, Refuge, and Relocation” - February 6, 2017

More About the "Asylum, Refuge, and Relocation" 2017 Symposium

Second Annual Symposium on “Food, Farming, and Faith” - March 1, 2016

More About the "Food, Farming, and Faith" 2016 Symposium 

Inaugural Symposium on “Compassion and Leadership in a Multi-Faith World” – February 18, 2015

More About the "Compassion and Leadership in a Multi-Faith World" 2015 Symposium